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In the beginning…

Hi, my name is Rose and I’m a blogaholic…

OK, I’ll admit it, I love blogs. I get a lot of inspiration, information and fun out of them. I’m hoping others will get something useful out of this blog and contribute their own thoughts and findings.

I’m Rose. I’m an artist with disabilities. Kathy is my care giver, friend and co-conspirator. She also takes some incredible photos, with no training and just her phone or pocket camera. I was inspired to start this blog to share both of our visions of the world.

I have a tendency to hoard, as did my parents. In fact, cleaning up my mom’s home, with it’s crunchy rubber bands, stacks of newspaper clippings and ancient home canning made me decide I needed to get my life under control. I’ve promised my daughter I will NEVER do that to her! Due to physical problems and life happenings beyond my control, my place is a mess. I had to make an emergency move into a HUD townhouse. Now, this is a very nice place, just not suitable for me, with steep stairs, no washer/dryer hook ups and wall to wall carpeting.

I had come across the website of the TV show Hoarders while looking for organization tips on the internet (I don’t have TV). After watching a few episodes, it became clear to me that just hiring someone to clean up my mess wasn’t going to solve the problem. Because I want to leave my unhappy past behind, I decided it was time to sort through things before my next move. After some research I settled on Cindy Culpovich of Organizing Your Space. This was one of the best moves of my life, and since then, Cindy has been featured on the episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive!

I was mortified to have to have anyone see my mess, but Cindy is a sweet, warm person and soon put me at ease. One of my problems was not having a care giver, since there are days I can’t make it out of bed. Enter Kathy, Cindy’s daughter. Yup! The Kathy that is partner on this website!

So this is my chronicle of my changing life for the better. I thought it would be fun for others to see the challenges and solutions we come up with, and hopefully share their own. Neither Kathy or I are paid for doing this, products and services we mention are strictly personal likes or dislikes.