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Along came a spider

Along came a spider. A huge one. It made it’s home in my picture window, and my small daughter and I watched her spin, grow, lay eggs and eventually hatch out about a zillion babies, while I read and reread Charlotte’s Web. Now my adult daughter still loves spiders. So when I spotted a flashing bubble gum pink spider at the Dollar Tree, I bought it. Then I ran around like crazy and made this.

Spider Hat

Spider Hat

I even made a movie of it. Flashing. Yup. So then I for some reason decided to start crocheting. I do this every so many years, have to learn all over, make something then drop it again for years. But as I was looking for something else, I found a pattern for crocheted skulls at Well, I found a lot of skull patterns, but her’s was the one I could actually understand. So I crocheted skulls. I usually crochet in thread, so yarn seems very loose and difficult, but I just kept going, ripping out and crocheting again and again. And after about a dozen skulls, I figured out what I was doing wrong. But by then I had all these skulls, and I figured what the heck, crocheted a few more and made this messy scarf in pink to match the spider hat. My daughter seemed to like it, because she immediately wore it. It clashed a bit with the hot pink skull Tshirt she was wearing, but who cares. It’s a statement scarf. Yup. Yup. OK, a poorly made statement, but still….

scullyscarf1 I have a young neighbor who loves Monster High, and while looking how to make skulls, I found a lot of adorable hat ideas on Etsy. No instructions however. So in my time honored tradition of jumping in anyway, I found an adorable Hello Kitty hat pattern at Only I’m making it in stripes and with a appliqued skull. So far, so good. I think. We’ll see. I’ve never made a hat before, and since I want to give to her for her birthday next month, I can’t try it on her for size. Honestly, it was so much fun, I’m thinking of making a black cat hat for myself. Cat hats. Yeah!