This and that, everything including the kitchen sink.

This is my first Cure. The idea is Apartment Therapy posts challenges, guides, etc. and the rest of us follow along together. Of course, being my usual scattery self, I forgot I had signed up for it until the 6th, so missed the first few events. If you want to go along, the link is here:

Today’s project:

So, meditate for about ten minutes, visualize what you want, choose a goal to get it. Next, pick a project you really want to get done this month. I’d already done the visualizing last night while doing the list. My project is decluttering the living area and entry. Getting the floor covering back down in the front entry.

To regress, the last project was clean the pantry. I don’t have a pantry, so I decided to clean out the food shelves. Here, for posterity is what clean shelves look like.

This is what clean food shelves look like!

This is what clean food shelves look like! Look! Empty space!

Mom was a canned food hoarder…oh the horror!…and that empty shelf space gives me both a feeling of panic and a feeling of accomplishment. Focusing on the accomplishment feeling!

And to my surprise, I ended up with this much to go elsewhere.

food All good food, just won’t get used anytime soon, so out it went to my friends. Otherwise it just sits until it expires. I’m no longer giving shelf space to things that won’t be used within a year.

I did snap photos of my living room, but I think I’ll video it instead. Stay tuned for breathtaking forays into organization!


Comments on: "January Apartment Therapy The Cure." (2)

  1. I feel the same way about clean/empty shelves! Like “omg, we might starve to death if the zombie apocalypse occurs before I can make it back to the store…”

    • LOL Zombies! To be fair, we had to go to another state to get groceries. We often got snowed in. But when I clean out Mom’s house there was food dating back 30 years in the pantry. Scary! Ptomaine bombs!

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