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Apartment Therapy: Vignettes

The weekend challenge was create or renew a vignette. I’d just finished painting my wall aqua, and can hardly wait to start decorating…except it needs another wash coat, as the walls are cottage cheese texture and I didn’t hit all the nooks and crannies. Good enough though to get the color and love it! But since I will be tearing the living room apart again to finish, I just used what I had at hand that I know I want displayed. Every single room is trashed at the moment, so here’s what I could do with bad lighting and a trashy background.

First, just a shot of an old wicker vase I rehabbed, storing neat twigs and some bamboo, sitting on grandfather’s trunk,

Stage 1

Next add a leopard print and a ceramic cat.

Stage 2

I couldn’t find my wine colored brocade throw, so I just used the curtain to see how the colors look. The stripe is a bit distracting. Ignore the photobombing cats.

Stage 3

Add a photo? And maybe a shell….



Prop a bigger bit of art, like a framed sketch…


Too precarious by far. Ok, let’s move to the shelves. Cat stature, beautiful bowl, origami vase made by my daughter, and again, the sketch. Needs work.


Photo looks much better here, with lions to guard it and a few scattered shells. Not crazy about any of these, but I’m getting closer.