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Cat KonMari’s Own Fur

July 23, 2015

By WildfyreTiger

In today’s Daily Hairball News, we learned that long time long haired diva, Cat About Town, Jazz is sporting a new do.

Diva JAZZ trades in her long locks for a trendy new do.

Diva JAZZ trades in her long locks for a trendy new do.

“It’s too hot,” said the multi-colored Cymrik. “My human was complaining I was plucking so much fur she could crochet a new kitten every day. And heaven knows,” Ms. Jazz says, rolling her old-gold eyes, “we have enough cats around here. And she really isn’t that good at crochet.”

“Lately she’s always yammering on and on about this KonMari Art of Tidying thing she’s doing,” Jazz says, always happy to dish the dirt on her human, “and I’m all for it, lots more room to chase the lazer. But seriously, it’s ‘Does this spark joy? Does that?’ And I got to thinking. Yes, this fur IS gorgeous, but I’ve been sporting it for fifteen years and seriously? It isn’t sparking joy for me. So I discussed with my human, and got this fancy new do.”“ I think I’m really rockin’ this lion cut, don’t you?” the diva purred.

Of course, we agreed. Ms. Jazz is also known for her dagger sharp manicures!

Jazzy reclipped 3 Jazzy clipped 1



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