This and that, everything including the kitchen sink.

calliope profile

Calliope hasn’t grown up to her whiskers yet.

Just as everyone has their own idiosyncrasies, so do animals. There is a learning curve when you make a new friend, and so it is with my rescues. Today Calliope kept crying and looking outside. For hours. If she wasn’t pregnant, I’d swear she was in heat. Is she missing her big black buddy, Tough Guy? It was heartbreaking.

All the kitties have had tummy upsets, but today they all seemed much better. She didn’t seem to be in pain at all, she was lively enough and even managed to sneak out the door once. I’ve been particularly worried about Calliope as she is already thin, and feeding a whole crew by the looks of it. I’ve been feeding her small amounts of food all day so she won’t throw it back up. Yup, you guessed it, little one was just hungry. She doesn’t know how to tell me that yet, something which I’m sure she will learn super fast from the greedy guts that are my other fur kids.


Majyk and his fans.

I needed to run errands today, so I got out Majyk’s vest and he happily ran to have it put on. We spent some warm up time first, he loves to eat grass and roll around on the concrete before getting down to work. He has his own little fan club of neighbor kids and a couple of two year olds were happy to see him. Soon older siblings joined the crowd, and Majyk was happy his friend James knew to give him a long weed to chase.

Then we popped into the car and were on our way. Some days, Majyk rides well in the car, others, not so good. It was HOT! Also, his usual front seat was occupied by several cases of cat food. So he complained, very long and loudly. Although the air conditioning cooled the car down in minutes, he wanted me to know he was not happy. Even the sandwich shop, which always gives him a whipped cream treat didn’t mollify him. He wasn’t bad, he was just obviously uncomfortable. By the time I had jumped in and out of the car several times, I was in total agreement with him. I don’t take heat very well either, so if it’s too hot for me, it’s too hot for my service cats.

While Majyk is extraordinarily well behaved for a cat just beginning service training, at home he can be the bratty little brother. One of the reasons we went on errands today was to calm him down a bit around Calliope.  At dinner time, he waits on no one. I have to separate all the cats into different rooms because he will just shove them aside and bury his face in their food, gulping it down as if he wasn’t already plump.

I just was feeding Calliope out of a spoon at first, then she let me know she wanted more so I gave her a plate. Majyk can hear another cat chewing even with a whole house between them. I was ready to defend Calliope’s dinner when Majyk screeched to a halt three feet away.  He watched longingly as she devoured her treat. Even bratty big brothers have to obey the “Don’t mess with a mama cat rule”! I’m just loving the effect she is having on him.



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