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Pretty in Pink Office Cubby

Recently I read that one typical problem of hoarders is that we simply don’t figure out where things belong. For instance, my broom floats around my home, usually getting left the last place I used it. I started to put up hooks in the closet for it, but as usual, got distracted, so it remains a floater. Which means I have to look for it every time I use it. It isn’t difficult to find, its yellow with black leopard spots! Still, it adds to the mess and doesn’t bring me joy.

When I moved in here, my needs were very different. I bought a shelving unit that could hold my big monitor and with a cubby and flip down shelf for my pc. All of those were bulky, my printer, my scanner, my pc, large monitor and the unit itself. Since then I’ve gone to a lap top, bought a different printer which lives in my studio and is wireless, bought a flat screen tv which is much too wide for any shelf on the original unit…well you get the picture. I stopped using the cabinet for my office and things just got jumbled out of the way in there.


Recently I’ve been doing workbooks, journaling, and paying my bills downstairs. The office part of my studio really isn’t working, so I decided to reclaim this nice, hidden away spot. I gave some thought into why I didn’t like using it, and came to the conclusion that it was dark and depressing. Even my Puss-In-Boots pencil holder had migrated to the shelf above. Meh.

I’ve declared a moratorium on starting new projects that don’t get me closer to my goal, but I decided that brightening up the space would make me much more likely to use it. I’m probably going to sell the console when I move, the thing weighs a ton and takes up a lot of space. I’m not in love with it, so I didn’t want to paint it and drop the value. Instead, I went through my wall paper books and found a sample I liked. Surprisingly it was pink. It’s only been the last few years that I have been drawn to that color, my mother overdosed me on pink, pink, pink. Our huge kitchen was Pepto Dismal Pink my mom’s whole life. The fridge was pink. The stove was pink. The dishwasher was pink. If she couldn’t get an appliance in pink, she grabbed automobile paint, and yup, sprayed it pink.

It’s not that it looked bad, it was fine. I simply got sick of it. I have red hair, and most pinks did not look good on me. Pink was simply not a part of my life. But the last few years and two little girls, pink has been sneaking back into my life. So, the cubby would be PINK! Not only that, it would be girlie girl. After all, the door closes on it so it shuts away completely. I kind of liked the idea of a lacy hidden office spot.

I decided the easiest way to make over the spot was to simply wrap cardboard in a pretty paper, stick on the wallpaper sample and go from there. When my dad showed me how to make things as a child he would always tell me “measure three times, cut once”. Now, sharp, pointy objects are not compatible with me, inspite of using them on a daily basis in work. In fact, an exacto knife once attacked me by rolling off the light table and sticking in my ankle. I also hate cutting up cardboard but I had a huge box which I had saved to make a fun house for the cats (sorry kits) so I measured at least three times, trimmed, measured, trimmed until my pieces fit nicely. Then all I had to do was wrap the boards. I decided to use cardboard inserts so I could change them out easily.

I had some pink gift wrap paper I hadn’t used for the girls yet, so I just gift wrapped the cardboard. Since this is just a glorified storage space, I didn’t worry about wear and tear, but if I was doing it as a work space, I would use either spray adhesive and a sealer or Modpodge. It would look much nicer and wear a whole lot better. (Note to self, when using fairly thin wrapping paper, make sure the packing label still stuck on the box isn’t going to show through. Sigh)


MUCH nicer! Now to fill it up. Almost hate to hide the pretty!

Organizing my supplies took a lot longer than putting together the boards. I have way too many felt pens and doodads in here still, but as my journal progresses I’ll find what works and what doesn’t. But I now have an organized home for my bill paying, workbooks and Bullet Journal supplies. The only thing I bought for this project was the pink magazine holder and a few plastic pouches to hold the bills, stickers and for taxes. I already have ideas on how to make it even more efficient, now I can see what I have. It also gives me an excuse to buy a another pink magazine holder if they get them in, yay! I also found supplies that belong in my studio and things I forgot I even had.


This feels like a win in the battle against hoarding!