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“Meh” To Majyk

So I’ve been using my nice newly organized office cubby for a bit and I’m really pleased. At the moment, it’s my favorite bit of my apartment. Not coincidentally it’s the prettiest, most organized space in my apartment, but we hoarders must be pleased with our baby steps.


The Dollar Tree got in the rest of the line of lacy organizers, so I bought a large tray and a little tray. My stickers went from a plastic envelope into the large tray, making them much easier to access. My glue and adhesives went into the smaller tray. All these are easy to pick up and move to wherever I’m working. Before I was just fighting to keep everything organized. I’m noticing at the end of the day I enjoy putting everything back and seeing how nice it looks. It’s really helping me focus on my goals, both the journaling and making little spaces I find satisfying.

“Focus” is my word for 2017. My little ADHD  brain either goes into hyperfocus or into hyper aware. There are so many things I want to accomplish this year!  I’ve printed out the word in a few different typefaces (I love typography!) to stick here and there around the apartment. My brain gets so busy I often find myself in a room, wondering what it was that I went in to get.

One thing I still wanted for my Bullet Journaling was a pen I loved to write with. I had a few gel pens, but I spent as much time getting them unstuck enough to write with as I did journaling. So on my Dollar Tree shopping trip I gave the pen section as much attention as most women probably give a Tiffany’s show window. I love pens! But I wanted one bolder than the fine points I usually get. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be and often by the end of the day when I am journaling I can’t read what I have just written. I want to try a Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Pen but that will have to wait until I get to the city. What I did find was a Promarx Megabold Gel pen. At two for a dollar, I figured it was worth a try.


I had to test drive it doing a doodle, and of course there were no shortage of feline models available. I figured a black cat for a black pen was a natural. Majyk was happy to oblige. The photo is a little washed out compared to the real thing, but the pen worked beautifully. The other pens I tried bled to the underside of the paper, this pen didn’t. I’m still getting used to gel pens, and was busy doodling so it smudged a bit. It does dry pretty fast, once I noticed I had smudged it didn’t happen again. It flows nicely for writing and forces me to write larger, which is good. I touched up his eyes with colored pencils. Just a quick sketch, but I think some of his “I didn’t do it!” stare came across. Majyk is the Bart Simpson of the cat world! Five stars for the pen.


Bullet Journal Bling! A review of Journal This!


After a month of prolific (for me) journaling, I decided I was justified in buying a few things to make it easier. After checking out local sources and not finding exactly what I need, I ventured online. I surfed for several days, finding wonderful, gorgeous, ingenious things. I lusted in my heart after many, many lovely pens, dot grid journals, stickers, stamps and tons of washi tape. However, want are need are two different things. If I stick to my anti-hoarding rules, that rules out 99% of what I found. Also, paying $20 for a roll of washi tape does not appeal to me! (Especially as I found the same roll of pretty peacock tape for under $5!) I needed something to make ruled lines with, small check boxes and dots.

Eventually my search took me to Journal This on Etsy. They were a little bit different. First of all, they had exactly what I was looking for to do my tracking chart. I have an A5 size hardback sketchbook, so I didn’t need a full size tracker stencil. It was also so reasonably priced I decided I could splurge and buy another just-for-pretty stencil, so I bought one to make scalloped boxes. I continued to surf the site and had my eye on a celtic knot stencil (it’s on my wish list) when I spotted a bit of bling sporting a Laurel Birch cat charm. It says you can build your own bling but it was perfect as it was. It was also reasonably priced. After all, I was going to have to pay shipping so I might as well buy a few things….my little heart was going pitty pat, pitty pat. But being new to internet shopping I decided to make it a small order to begin with.


I bought a Tracker mini stencil. It’s the pink one in the picture, and had both the lines and the little check boxes I wanted. I also bought the Stackable Scallop Squares Stencil, purple in my picture, but orange on the site. And, of course, the cat bling.


I eagerly awaited the mail. I’m beginning to love online shopping, I haven’t been excited to get the mail since I was a kid. Also, I live in a very small town without a great deal of shopping choices.

I ordered on Jan. 29 and received my order on Feb. 7th. The stencils arrived in individual card pockets, which I will keep them in to store safely in the back of my journal. The cat bling was a separate card and even cuter than in the picture. They were clipped together with an adorable paperclip in the shape of glasses. The stencils are slightly textured which causes less bleed than a completely smooth surface. I’m inexperienced with stencils, but I have no trouble with these. It also had a nice little card saying thank you.

So my first order of BuJo bling is a success! Very affordable and exactly what I ordered. I will definitely be ordering from Journal This in the future. After all, there is still that celtic knot stencil, an adorable fox bling and many, many more!


Since the envelope had a pretty stamp that matched my butterfly theme I gave it it’s own page. Bling Me, Baby!