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Of Trash and Treasure


“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Last night, my first night since I’ve stopped being a hoarder, I was going through my pictures looking for “before” photos. As I went, I deleted any that no longer pertained. I’ve been photo journaling my progress for years now. I used it to keep track of what’s in storage, projects, reminders.  Once I decided to quit being a hoarder I used it to keep track of my progress.

For a few years, back when I had a helper I pulled interesting bits of furniture from the dumpster area. I bought furniture at yard sales to repaint and donate to Friends Of Felines, our local no-kill shelter which has a very good second-hand store. I felt I was making a difference. A little spray paint, some ingenuity and it’s good to go, right?

Like most hoarders I pride myself in seeing treasures in other people’s trash. Since I had a clear destination planned for those treasures, I wasn’t buying into my hoarding right? I did paint and fix. Then I happily took some of my loot to the cat store.

They don’t accept furniture. They don’t have room for it. Back home it came, to sit in one of my many piles.

In looking through the photos I realized just how much stuff I had accumulated back then. I also realized that 98% of those scavenged project had made it back in the dumpster when I got serious about ending my hoarding. A new rule about not leaving furniture outside the dumpsters (I didn’t actually dumpster dive) stopped me from being tempted by seeing the potential. I had even forgotten I had kept that stuff in the first place, so I certainly didn’t miss it.

I no longer feel the urge to “rescue” abused furniture. I go to yard sales armed with a list of specific things I need, along with measurements and a tape. When I’m tempted by some odd or end, I think about where it is actually going to fit in my life NOW. Not in some vague hopeful future. After all, I like going to yard sales, if I find I need that something in that future, I’ll buy it then. Yard sales are now a completely different kind of treasure hunt. More of a challenge. It’s still fun to see other people’s stuff. I just don’t have to bring it home to enjoy it.

Sometimes trash is just, well… trash.


It’s so taxing….

Today I got my taxes done. I go to the same H&R Block office every year, when I dropped off my records my lady asked me if I was going to bring my service cat next time. I’m training Majyk to be my new go everywhere cat, so today I dug out his harness and leash an off we went. He was a gentleman during my tax session, so I decided a shopping trip would be a good idea. I have specific pet friendly business’ that I go to train my animals. We went to the pet store to buy some new treats. Majyk looooves treats. I needed lunch, so I went to a coffee kiosk for a blended drink for me and a puff of whipped cream for Mr. Majyk. (No, milk/cream isn’t particularly good for cats, but whipped cream is mostly air.) Then we went through the drive through for a sandwich, The nice man at the window was amazed to see Majyk sitting so calmly in the passenger’s seat. Actually, so was I, as this is only his fourth or fifth trip out. This time he seemed to know exactly what was expected.

A quick nosh at home and I was ready to head out again. As soon as I picked up the leash he was raring to go! Majyk, who frankly is a bit of a brat at home, seemed to know he was officially at work. We met lots of people and he got lots of attention which is the payoff for him. Since I am a sociophobe, the attention is on him and I have no trouble talking to people who stop to pet him. We compare cat stories and most people don’t realize cats can be trained. At the bank he schmoozed with the teller. At the Dollar Tree he settled down on the basket on my purse, looking for all the world like he was guarding it. He gets a little bored if I stay in the same place for too long, he prefers a more rapid ride. If he were human he would drive a bright red racy convertible. He is a Cool Cat.

I’m pretty stiff and sore today, so I’m pretty much keeping the status quo without worrying too much about making headway.  Lugging around a 13lb furry weight was enough for me. I’m back to being excited about cleaning and I’m looking forward to getting my bedroom in shape tomorrow. And a nice walk with Majyk if the weather permits.